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Watch this brief video where we go over the purpose behind creating Inspire IMG and how it can benefit doctors around the world.

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Live webinars from high-profile physicians, designed to help you understand more about your IMG journey.

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CPD events

CPD accredited events that help you stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and medical practices.


Interviews with renowned physicians around the world, giving you insights into various specialties available for a doctor.

Social community for IMGs

We have many medical students/doctors appearing for the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Middle East, Ireland & other countries licensing exams and many doctors exploring different pathways to get into these countries.

Many times there is a lot of confusion on choosing the right pathway. One question that all doctors have in mind while exploring International opportunities –  Which country is IMG friendly, Will I be able to do it?

Especially 1st generation doctors in the family, have no support system and hence Inspire IMG, acts as a one stop resource bank for doctors aiming at International Career Opportunities.

One single platform to connect and network with medical professionals/Leaders across the world – A social networking community exclusively for medical students, physicians, surgeons who are aiming at International career opportunities.

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